Talent Tribe

Talent Tribe is a platform for job hunting. The App focuses on the different "tribes" people belong to on their workplace and allows job seekers to find their tribe. Whether the tribes are vegan or dog lovers, Talent Tribe is the way for users to find the place their belong.

Role: Logo design, Branding
and UI design
Date: 2014
Company: NGSoft

Logo Design Options
The Talent Tribe motto is to make each and every job seeker feel special and special by assisting them to find not only a job - but a place where they will find their tribe, a group of people as unique as they are.
On the branding process, I presented two options, both of them focused on the tribes as the main element of the brand.

Font and Logo Design
The main goal of the design was to give its own look and feel to the name of each tribe. This led me to create a title font to be used for the logo and the names of the tribes, to enhance their importance in the job hunting process.

Product Design
The app is designed for job seekers to browse companies and look for their "tribe".
The users can see articles about the life in each company, see the "tribes" of the companies and, if they like the company, the just press "I want to work here" and the system will send an application to any relevant jobs automatically.