Sizer is a mobile app designed to measure users and help them know exactly what size of clothing items to order online.
The app photographs the user to take their measurements, and then matches the retailer's sizes to the users measurments.

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Role: UX, layout and Product design.
Date: 2015
Company: NGSoft

How to measure yourself | Onboarding
On an app like Sizer, the onboarding is crucial to the success of the measurments.
The onboarding appears on a single scrollable page, with three simple steps that show the basic instructions. At the end, we can see the "Get Started" button.

The Measurment Process
In order to measure themselves, users have to place the device in an upright position, take a few steps back and follow the instructions shown on the screen.
The instructions are designed in a large and bold font to be clear and accessible from a distance.

My Size
Once we're done measuring, sizer will show our measurements and save them for further use.

App Flow
As a complex app, the flow planning is one of the most important communication tools between designers, developers and all members of a multi-disciplinary team.