Maccabi Kids

Maccabi Kids is a mobile app for new parents. It allows them to follow up on their toddler's vaccinations, doctor appointments, and any other health issues that are unique for the first months of their lives. The app has a unique timeline, organized into categories, so that the new parent always knows what to do next.

Download the app on the Playstore
Download it on the app store.
Role: Product Design.
Date: 2015
Company: NGSoft

All in one place
The Maccabi app allows users to routinely follow up on their toddlers medical treatments, but at the same time, to contact medical professionals on specific matters.
For that purpose, the main screen allways shows the 3 ways to contact medical professionals and notifications if there are any responses. Then, once the user scrolls down, they can see the regular timeline.

The Process
In order to get to the optimal graphic language, the design process included several versions in which I check colors, icons, and sizes, to best suit the Maccabi brand and the target audience of new parents.

Layout and composition
I tested versions that challenged different options of the screen layout.
I started out with the classic bottom menu layout of small icons, and then made them larger and bolder.

The color tests had two versions, one with a range of blues, based on the Maccabi brand, and another with a pastel palette, suited newborns. The final version is a combination of both, using the basic blue from the Maccabi brand as a basis for a rich color palette.

The icons started out as more simple, and with 2 different styles, one for the main links and another for the menu. The next step was to unify the styles of both areas and give it a more "cute" and relatable feel.

The Product Design
Maccabi is the second biggest healthcare provider in Israel, and one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. As such, they have a more conservative view of design.
The challenge was to design a modern app, that would appeal to young parents accostumed to technology, but at the same time, to be a part of the conservative brand that is Maccabi.