Emerge provides critical information to physicians and other healthcare professionals, by allowing them to comfortably navigate through the patients EHR (electronic health record).

Role: UX, Product Design and
Creative Direction
Date: 2016 - 2017
Company: Freelance/Self Employed

Visual Hierarchy in Life or Death Situations
The emerge platform allows physicians to navigate a patients charts comfortably. But, what happens if there is something urgent, above all else? A test that should be done or a referral to the patient. I designed the main Emerge search engine, called "Chart Scout", and designed the warning labels, created for doctors not to miss important tests or referrals.

UX, Layout, Wireframes and Product Design

The process | Design Options
Many options were tested for this feature, for both the search engine, the search suggestions and the CDS(Clinical Decision Support) feature. The challenge was to find a way to highlight critical information to physicians, but not disrupt their regular workflow.

The Search engine | Design Options
Physicians enter the system to look for patients test results, basic info, and more.

The Dashboard
The Emerge dashboards have all of the relevant information of patients patient per subjects. Here we see the CHF (Congestive heart failure) dashboard, that has all of the relevant cardiologic information of this patient.