Taranis Brand

Taranis is a precision agriculture intelligence platform that helps farmers monitor their fields and make informed decisions.
The Taranis Product Includes a Dashboard for monitoring farm activity and decision making, as well as a mobile app for physical field scouting, a tablet app to guides the pilots while taking aerial images and much more.
I worked with Taranis from the very beginning, as a Freelance UX UI Designer and then became the first employee and built the Creative Department.

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Role: Product Managing, UX, Product Design, Branding and Creative Direction
Date: 2015 - Today
Company: Freelance/Self Employed
Taranis Director of UX & Design

Branding for a multicultural company
Taranis is an Ag-Tech startup based in Tel Aviv, but with clients all over the globe.
Taranis' main message is that the company "Helps Farmers Grow" by assisting them in the process of decision making, and is not there to replace them.
The brand is simple, clear and communicates to people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds. As part of the branding process, I had to design a logo that communicates the companies message, typography treatment for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew.
I created a brand-book for the company, which includes the icons, rules for all imagery, presentations and all the visual material of the company.