Artizone is an online food delivery service connecting customers in selected U.S. cities with local artisans through one website.
This Project's purpose was to redesign the existing components, to make it more appealing and to fully exploid the visual potential of food imagery and expand the companies sales.

Role: Product Design
Date: 2015
Company: NGSoft

Design Elements
As part of the Artizone redesign, I had to set the typography, elements and iconic language, so that all new elements allways follow this basic rules.

Product Page
As a marketplace, the most important thing was to create the Product page for any item for sale.
The contept was to spread the photos make them the main element on the page. There where also some important items that had to be enhanced, like price, allergenic information, etc.

Promoted Items
Artizone is a marketplace for meals and produce. Users can wander around the website and fill in their cart with items from different stores.
The challenge of the homepage was to find different shopping patterns and suit all of them. This led me to different kinds of homepage elements:
Go to a Shop: See the entire list of items of a certain seller.
Items on sale: Buy items that have reduced prices.
Categories: Browse through different items of the same category, for ex. Sauces.
Curated Lists: A list created by Artizone with a uniting theme, like "Birthday Pary" .
Recipes: Buy all of the ingredients for a recipe .