IDF Unified Infrastructure

Visual Language, UX UI concept for a unified redesign for all of the IDF's websites.
I created a range of UX elements, so that each unit can create their own website only by adding their symbol, main color and the content they wish to share.
The visual language and UX can be seen today in many of the IDF's websites that already completed the transition.

See the first site based on the unified structure
Role: UX Research, layout and wireframing, art direction and UI design
Date: 2016
Company: NGSoft

One UX to rule them all
The IDF project was based on a list of necessities, that where to be translated into features. This "list" included any feature that any units website might ever need. This was especially challenging since every single IDF website is for a different target audience, from young kids about to recruit, to researchers that browse the archives, reserve soldiers of all ages and many more.

UX, Layout, Wireframes and Web Design

The UX Process
The concept was to create a repository of features so that any unit could create its own website by just doing a "mix and match" with the features repository and building their website.

The Features
All of the sites are made up of a combination of different features, some are fixed, like the header and the footer, and some change between sites, like the banners or the articles.

Each IDF site has its own identity, but all of them are part of the IDF. As such, users can navigate between the different IDF sits by on single menu, that is consistent through all of the sites.

One Brand, different Identities | The Design Process
Once the UX for the features was done, the challenge was to create a visual language that will be versatile enough to adapt itself to all units and allow them to have their own identity, but on the same time to show that all of the identities are part of the same army.
The concept was to select a leading color for each unit, and together with the units imagery and logo, this will lead the web design. The typography, imagery and icons have a consistent styling through the different websites.